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irAmbience, Ambient Sounds for iRacing

What Is It?
This application will play ambient sounds while iRacing is running. All sounds can be ON or OFF and have separate volume controls so you can adjust to your liking. List of available sounds:

Music at replay screen.
Garage sounds in the setup garage
Wheel guns when changing tires (different for road and oval)
Fueling sounds when fuel goes in.
Repair sounds when the car is being fixed.
Ambient environmental sound (background)
Cheering crowds.
Ambient pit lane sounds (folks working on cars in the background)
Public Address Announcer loop
Pit lane siren on road courses

Watch a quick sample video:



Latest Version

You need only three files.
1. which is the .net framework client profile. Please download and install first.

2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

3.Download the file here

Once the framework and C++ redistributable is installed unzip the contents of the zip file to any folder on your harddrive. I use c:irambience but you can put it anywhere. Once unzipped you'll see a shortcut in that folder. Just drag that to your desktop. You will also see a file named "digital display tfb.ttf" That is a font for the application. double-click on that file and install the font. If you don't the application won't look right.

Running the Application
It's easy! Just double-click on the exe or the shortcut. Once the application launches you need to pick the correct sound device from the large drop-down list at the top then it's ready to go!

The application plays multiple different ambient and pit-stop sounds. Each of those sounds has a volume slider to control how loud it is. Just play around with them to get them where you like them. There's no right or wrong it's all user-preference.

You will see inside the irambience folder another folder named "sounds". This is where the sound files are located. You will see the names of the files they are self-explanatory. The application looks for as many sounds that match the name pattern and they play them randomly. For example to add your own music, just find an mp3 you like and name it music_X.mp3 (where X is a unique number) and then place it in the directory. It'll get played If you find any cool sounds that you like, please share them!!!

I Colin MacLean set up a dedicated email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please send problems, feedback, suggestions etc. to this email address.

Created 2017-08-16
Changed 2017-08-16
Version 0.9.2 Beta
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